The Alberta Informatics Circle of Research Excellence (iCORE) was established in October 1999 by the Government of Alberta to foster world-class university-based research that supports the ICT sector. It is directed by a high-profile board of directors and operates on a day-to-day level to establish and support teams of world-class ICT researchers. The Government of Alberta currently commits $10 million per year to fund iCORE, which is wholly owned by the Alberta Science and Research Authority. This investment in iCORE stems from a belief that strong fundamental research is at the core of a healthy economic sector, which in turn creates social, cultural and economic advantages for Albertans.


Its mission is to attract and grow a critical mass of exceptional researchers in the field of informatics, that is, areas of computer science, electrical and computer engineering, physics, mathematics and other disciplines related to information and communications technology (ICT). iCORE invests in people – the highest caliber research scientists who work on fundamental and applied problems in informatics. Around these leaders, world-class research teams are developed. iCORE operates several grant programs to develop iCORE Chairs at Alberta universities, around which world-class research teams are developed.

iCORE is directing its support to areas in which Alberta has a chance to develop internationally recognized research teams. It is also focusing on areas in which Alberta companies are active, so that intellectual property and valuable knowledge workers resulting from iCORE's investment will have compelling reasons to stay in Alberta.


  • iCORE has made $25 million in awards. This funding has attracted an additional $41 million to date where an iCORE Chair has been the prime recipient ($32 million federal, $5 million provincial, $4 million industry), and $120 million where the iCORE Chair has been a significant contributing influence ($60 million federal, $60 million provincial).
  • 12 research teams are in place, which include over 70 faculty members and 140 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Over 130 of Canada’s best graduate students (recipients of Federal Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) awards) are currently funded by iCORE
  • Alberta’s percentage of Canada’s NSERC graduate student awards in ICT has increased from 6% in 2000 to 24% in 2003, demonstrating the strong reputation and appeal of Alberta universities for the top students in these areas.
  • iCORE Chairs hold four Canada Research Chairs, three Steacie Fellowships, and two were inducted into the Royal Society of Canada this past year.


Website: www.icore.ca
Email: info@icore.ca

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Calgary, Alberta T2L 2A6
Telephone: (403) 210-5335
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