Program 87


PROMO: Dr. Bill Bridger on the Alberta Ingenuity Fund, an endowment to build Alberta's research capacity in engineering and natural sciences

Dr. Abebaw Jemere receives new Alberta Ingenuity Fund Industrial Associateship to develop proteomic and microfluidic medical testing processes

Habitat biologist Margaret Donnelly works on knowledge transfer protocols for the Sustainable Forest Management Network

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TITLE: Dr. Bill Bridger, President and CEO, Alberta Ingenuity
SUBJECT: #87 Alberta Ingenuity
SYNOPSIS: With an endowment of $500 million from the Alberta Government, Alberta Ingenuity is a new vehicle to finance research in engineering and natural sciences. It is modelled after the very successful Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research. With a very broad mandate, President and CEO Dr. Bill Bridger is setting up programs that will include industry along with the universities.



TITLE: Dr. Abebaw Jemere, Research Scientist, Advanced Integrated Micro Systems
SUBJECT: #87 Alberta Ingenuity Industrial Associateships
SYNOPSIS: The pioneer work in microfluidics by Dr. Jed Harrison at the University of Alberta has spawned a couple of spinoffs. Micralyne is a very successful company that fabricates microfluidic devices. The latest is Advanced Integrated Micro Systems. Dr. Abebaw Jemere is a research scientist working in proteomics who has just received a new Alberta Ingenuity Industrial Associateship to help the startup company AIMS further develop its microfluidic techniques to speed up the time it takes to do medical tests.



TITLE: Margaret Donnelly, Habitat Biologist and Consultant, Donnelly Ecological Consulting Services
SUBJECT: #87 Knowledge Exchange within the Sustainable Forest Management Network
SYNOPSIS: The Sustainable Forest Management Network has over research 300 projects on the go that are geared to help us better understand forest ecosystems, cultural relations, and industrial practices. Now habitat biologist Margaret Donnelly is working to establish protocols that will facilitate the transfer of scientific knowledge, so those research findings are translated into legislation and practical industry applications.