Program 82


PROMO: AHFMR heritage scientist Dr. William Colmers publishes research on appetite hormone ghrelin in NEURON journal

ACA's Blake Mills flies ultralight aircraft to film shoreline damage around Alberta's popular lakes

Jos Lussenberg leads JACOS's experiments in soil reclamation at its SAGD operation

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TITLE: Dr. William Colmers, Professor of Pharmacology, Univeristy of Alberta, and Heritage Scientist, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research
SUBJECT: #82 Ghrelin, Appetite, and Obesity
SYNOPSIS: AHFMR heritage scientist Dr. William Colmers of the University of Alberta has participated in ground breaking research with an American team on a newly discovered substance called ghrelin. It plays a role in appetite. The results of their work has just been published in the journal, NEURON.



TITLE: Blake Mills, Habitat Leader, Northeast Business Unit, Alberta Conservation Association
SUBJECT: #82 ACA's Ultralight Shoreline Health Project
SYNOPSIS: Got a cottage at the lake? Have you been clearing out the reed beds and planting a lawn on the shoreline of your property? These common practices are undermining the health of our lakes and destroying fish habitat. In an effort to help educate cottage owners, Blake Mills of the Alberta Conservation Association is videotaping shoreline development across Alberta, using digital technology and an ultralight aircraft.



TITLE: Blake Mills, Habitat Leader, Northeast Business Unit, Alberta Conservation Association
SUBJECT: #82 Good and Bad Shoreline Impacts
SYNOPSIS: This photo of shoreline shows natural riparian habitat next to cottage development where the shoreline has been cleared by the landowner. This photo is a still from a video Blake Mills shot from an ultralight aircraft at Moose Lake in July, 2001.



TITLE: Jos Lussenberg, Senior Environmental Coordinator, Japan Canada Oil Sands
SUBJECT: #82 SAGD Reclamation Trials to Replace Forested Land
SYNOPSIS: Oil sands development means removing the forest to get at the bitumen deep underground. Past reclamation efforts meant planting grass. But "pasture" is not natural to the boreal forest. Jos Lussenberg of Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited is experimenting with a variety of reclamation techniques at the JACOS site near Fort McMurray. He's looking for the best "recipe" that will return well sites to productive forest.