Program 70


PROMO: Interviews from the Sustainable Forest Management Conference: From Knowledge to Practice

NSERC's Dr. Tom Brzustowski addresses Canada's Innovation Strategy

Wetlands expert Dr. Suzanne Bayley discovers beavers may improve water quality

Dr. Vic Adamowicz and Dr. Marian Weber introduce tradeable landuse permits

Conservation biologist Dr. Rick Schneider releases new book on Alberta's boreal forest

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TITLE: Dr. Tom Brzustowski, President, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, NSERC
SUBJECT: #70 Canada's Innovation Strategy
SYNOPSIS: As a research nation, Canada now ranks 15th in terms of spending and productivity. The goal is to move up to 5th place by 2010. In a luncheon address to the SFM Conference, NSERC's president Dr. Tom Brzustowski outlined the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's s role in helping the country meet this research objective.



TITLE: Dr. Suzanne Bayley, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #70 SFM Conference: Beavers and Wetlands
SYNOPSIS: Lakes and bogs are critical parts of the boreal ecosystem. In a study for the SFM Network, Dr. Suzanne Bayley set out to establish baseline data on water quality in wetlands across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. To her surprise, she discovered beavers may actually play an important role in improving water quality. One more reason not to blow up beaver dams.



TITLE: Dr. Vic Adamowicz, Program Leader, Sustainable Forest Management Network, and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Economy, U of A and Dr. Marian Weber, Post Doctoral Fellow, Rural Economy, Sustainable Forest Management Network
SUBJECT: #70 SFM Conference: Tradeable Landuse Permits
SYNOPSIS: Following in the footsteps of carbon credits, tradeable landuse permits may hold promise as an economic tool to protect biodiversity. Rural economists Dr. Vic Adamowicz and Dr. Marian Weber introduced their work on this concept at a workshop at the SFM Conference.



TITLE: Dr. Rick Schneider, Conservation Biologist, Adaptive Management Team Researcher, SFM Network, Author, and Executive Directord, Alberta Centre for Boreal Research
SUBJECT: #70 SFM Conference: New Book on Alberta's Boreal Forest
SYNOPSIS: In his new book, conservation biologist Dr. Rick Schneider looks at the state of forestry in Alberta and concludes we still have a long way to go. The good news is, compared to five or ten years ago, we now have the tools in hand to greatly improve forest management among all industrial sectors (yes, energy and agriculture have a big role to play).