Program 68


PROMO: Paul Hvenegaard finds more juvenile bull trout in annual fish collection in Lynx Creek in the Kakwa

U of L Kineseologist Dr. Lesley Brown researches the fear of falling among the elderly for AHFMR

Dr. Tim Lysyk at the Lethbridge Research Station keeps a close eye on the spread of West Nile virus

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TITLE: Dr. Lesley Brown, Kinesology, University of Lethbridge and AHFMR Researcher
SUBJECT: #68 Fear of Falling among the Elderly
SYNOPSIS: As a person ages, falling down takes on greater significance and many people curtail their activities to avoid falls. Kineseologist Dr. Lesley Brown of the U of L has a research grant from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research to investigate "the fear of falling".



TITLE: Dr. Tim Lysyk, Medical Veternarian Entomologist, Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge Research Station
SUBJECT: #68 West Nile Virus
SYNOPSIS: Recently an Albertan was diagosed as suffering from West Nile Virus. Unknown in the Western Hemisphere until a few years ago, West Nile virus has moved across the continent with astonishing speed. While a few people have died across the United States, for the most part the virus only leads to flu like symptoms in people. But in birds and horses, the virus is much more lethal. Dr. Tim Lysyk is a medical veternary entomologist who has been keeping a close eye on West Nile virus.



TITLE: Paul Hvenegaard, Programs Manager, Northeast Region, Alberta Conservation Association
SUBJECT: #68 ACA Studies Bull Trout in Kakwa Watershed
SYNOPSIS: Every fall for the last 8 years, Paul Hvenegaard and the Alberta Conservation Association have been counting bull trout in Lynx Creek in the Kakwa watershed. While "no catch" regulations appear to be helping the bull trout population, a new concern is the impact of increased industrial development in the area.