Program 66


PROMO: Andy Gilliland of NRC-NINT wins ASTech Award for his contribution to developing a culture of innovation in Alberta

Anthropologist Dr. Cliff Hickey leads research program for Sustainable Aboriginal Communities with SFM Network

Engineer Gordon Howell works to remove regulatory barriers that prevent consumers from putting solar energy features into their homes

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TITLE: Andy Gilliland, Director of Stakeholder Relations, NRC-National Institute for Nanotechnology
SUBJECT: #66 An ASTech Award for Andy Gilliland of NRC-NINT
SYNOPSIS: A civil engineer by profession, Andy Gilliland came to Alberta in 1980, and since 1984 has worked with the National Research Council to develop new technology companies in the province through IRAP. Among his many credits, he helped established the Innocentre and most recently was one of the key people involved in bringing the National Institute for Nanotechnology to the University of Alberta. This year, the ASTech Foundation presents a special award to Andy for his outstanding contribution in developing a culture of innovation in Alberta.



TITLE: Dr. Cliff Hickey, Professor of Anthropology, University of Alberta, and Research Team Leader, Sustainable Forest Management Network
SUBJECT: #66 First Nations Involvement in SFM Network Research Programs
SYNOPSIS: One of the six priority areas of research for the Sustainable Forest Management Network is Sustainable Aboriginal Communities. Dr. Cliff Hickey is the anthropologist who leads that team of researchers. Among the many important research tasks is codifying traditional knowlege, but First Nations people are reticent to disclose this information to just anybody.



TITLE: Gordon Howell, Engineer and Energy Efficiency Expert, Howell-Mayhew Engineering
SUBJECT: #66 Regulatory Barriers to Using Alternate Energy
SYNOPSIS: For the last thirty years, Edmonton engineer Gordon Howell has focused his career on alternate energy sources. In an arrangement with Epcor, he and his partner at Howell-Mayhew Engineering have installed solar panels on their house/workplace and currently feed electricity back into the grid. One of Gordon's current projects is working to change onerous regulations that prevent more people from installing solar panels and other forms of energy on their properties. If 25,000 homes per year in Japan are switched to the solar grid, surely we should be able to do something similar in Canada.