Program 60


PROMO: From a summer of conferences, Dr. David Wishart sums up BioInformatics
UK visitors to LacLaBiche judge whether Canada's forestry practices meet their expectations for sustainability

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TITLE: Dr. David Wishart, Chair of ISMB 2002, Founder of BioTools, and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #60 ISMB 2002, Conference on Computation Biology and BioInformatics
SYNOPSIS: Over the summer, thousands of researchers came from around the world to Edmonton to participate in a whole host of conferences dealing with the new fields of artificial intelligence and computational biology. The University of Alberta hosted one of those conferences, ISMB 2002. Dr. David Wishart, who chaired this conference on Molecular Biology, looks at some of the emerging trends.



TITLE: Daniel de Bellefeuille, Commercial Counsellor, Canadian High Comission, London
SUBJECT: #60 UK Forest Tour for Sustainability
SYNOPSIS: Representatives from the United Kingdom took a whirl wind tour of Canada's forests in July, with stops on the east coast as well as Alberta and British Columbia. The tour was organized by the Canadian High Commission in London and included people from a broad spectrum of British business: forest researchers and policy makers, architects, reporters, ethical investors, building supply stores, and construction trades. In Alberta, the group toured the AlPac forest management area and stopped for dinner in Lac La Biche. According to tour leader Daniel de Bellefeuille explains, the group was here to satisfy their concerns about the sustainability of forest management in Canada.



TITLE: Tim Rollinson, Head, Policy and Practice Division, Forestry Commission, Edinburgh
SUBJECT: #60 UK Forest Tour for Sustainability
SYNOPSIS: In the United Kingdom, Tim Rollinson helps shape forest policy. Since most of Britains wood and paper products are imported, people there want to ensure their trade isn't adversely affecting forests elsewhere in the world.



TITLE: Mark Campanale, Associate Director, SRI Business Development, Henderson Global Investors
SUBJECT: #60 UK Forest Tour for Sustainability
SYNOPSIS: Investments have social and environmental impacts. It is Mark Campanale's job to ensure that his company makes the right decisions when it comes to ethical investments. He joined the tour of Canada's forests to judge for himself whether Canadian forest companies and government agencies are carrying out sustainable practices.



TITLE: Dr. Christine Calahan, Professor, School of Agriculture and Forest Science, University of Wales, Bangor
SUBJECT: #60 UK Forest Tour for Sustainability
SYNOPSIS: As a researcher and professor of forest science at the University of Wales, Dr. Christine Calahan is interested in how different countries try to implement sustainable forest management practices. By joining the tour, she will be able to tell her students from first hand experience how Canada is doing on the sustainability front.