Program 58


PROMO: Big challenges for nanotechnology as new head Dr. Dan Wayner moves into NINT's new digs at U of A
Munching forest tent caterpillars make good study fodder for SFMN's Dr. Jens Roland

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TITLE: Dr. Danial Wayner, Director General, NRC National Institute for Nanotechnology
SUBJECT: #58 Managing for Creativity at the new National Institute for Nanotechnology
SYNOPSIS: With renovations nearing completion on the 6th floor of the Engineering and Computer Sciences Research building, the NRC National Institute for Nanotechnology is set to move into its new headquarters on the University of Alberta Campus. And here it will reside until its own research facility is complete in another three years. It's no accident the "best room in the house" is the coffee room with its expansive view of the city and beyond. Dr. Dan Wayner believes one of the most important parts of his job as NINT's Director General is to create an environment where researchers can meet and exchange ideas, and it's his experience more good ideas are generated around water coolers and coffee rooms. Managing collaboration between very different disciplines is one of the many challenges facing the new head of NINT, as he sets the strategy to turn the tiny world of nanotechnology into mega-success.



TITLE: Dr. Jens Roland, Insect Population Ecologist, University of Alberta, and Researcher, Sustainable Forest Management Network
SUBJECT: #58 Forest Tent Caterpillars
SYNOPSIS: Outbreaks of forest tent caterpillars tend to follow a twelve year cycle under natural circumstances. The females lay their eggs on trembling aspen. The larvae which are voracious eaters, can strip the trees of leaves from the top down. Insect damage is a major cause of natural disturbance in aspen stands. As part of his work for the Sustainable Forest Management Network, insect population ecologist Dr. Jens Roland is investigating the factors that influence these outbreaks. One factor is forest fragmentation from logging and agriculture which can upset the balance between the forest tent caterpillar and its natural enemies. Drayton Valley and the Rocky Mountain House regions are experiencing outbreaks this summer.