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PROMO: Wade Chute and Wayne Wasylciw, Research Scientists, Alberta Research Council
Mary Clark Sheppard, Author of "Dr. Karl Clark: Oil Sands Scientist"

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TITLE: Wade Chute and Wayne Wasylciw, Research Scientists, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #5 Hemp, Straw and Alternate Fibres
SYNOPSIS: With most of the forest resources in Alberta already allocated, the search is on for alternate fibres that can be used in paper making and construction. The work of Wade Chute and Wayne Wasylciw at the Alberta Research Council has generated a great deal of interest among both foresters and farmers. These two researchers are investigating the use of straw, hemp and flax for use in pulp as well as the manufacture of panel boards and other construction materials. And yes, Alberta has a hemp-friendly climate!



TITLE: Mary Clark Sheppard, Author of "Oilsands Scientist"
SUBJECT: #5 Dr. Karl Clark: Oil Sands Scientist
SYNOPSIS: Author Mary Clark Sheppard continues her look back at the early days of oilsands research. When her father Dr. Karl Clark came to the University of Alberta in 1920, he first started work in the North Lab. Then in 1923, he and Sid Blair set up the first pilot plant to separate oil from the oilsands. That was followed by more test plants at the Dunvegan Railyards in north Edmonton, and later at Clearwater near Fort McMurray. It was the failures along the way the eventually yielded the secret of the oilsands. But then disaster struck in 1932, when the Depression forced the government to cut funding to the Research Council of Alberta, and Clark's lab was shut down.