Program 56


PROMO: The Alberta Research Council hosts its Annual General Review in Vegreville with a tour of its Vegreville research facility

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TITLE: Karen Beliveau, VP of External Relations and Alliances, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #56 ARC has another good year
SYNOPSIS: The Alberta Research Council released its Annual Report at its Vegreville facility on June 19th. Over the last year the ARC has continued to expand its technology commercialization program. And as VP Karen Beliveau explains, the ARC has restructured to meet the new strategic direction required to meet the federal innovation challenge to move Canada from 15th to 5th place in global research and development by 2010. This requires an overall investment by industry of $9 billion .



TITLE: Jim Schieck, Ecologist, Forest Resources Unit, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #56 Ecological Basis for Stand Management
SYNOPSIS: Manning one of the displays at the ARC's open house in Vegreville was research ecologist Jim Schieck. One of the recent projects of the Forest Resources Unit and its partners in industry and government has been a review of the studies undertaken over the last 15 years dealing with forest management in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. The synthesis is published in an inch thick document called "Ecological Basis for Stand Management". While the report indicates there's a lot of new information available on how forests work at the stand level, Jim Schieck says there's a major gap in our understanding of how forests work at the landscape level.



TITLE: Dr. Abdur Rashid, Research Scientist specializing in Herbicide Physiology, Crop and Plant Management Unit, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #56 Herbicide Diagnostics
SYNOPSIS: At the ARC's Vegreville Research Centre, Dr. Abdur Rashid looks at a number of issues surrounding the use of herbicides on crops, such as residuals lingering in the soil and the effect of cool weather on the effectiveness of herbicides. His group also provides a diagnostic service for farmers who are have concerns about their crops, soil, and chemical usage



TITLE: Dr. Margitta Dziwenka, Research Veternarian, Toxicology Unit, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #56 Animal Toxicology Research
SYNOPSIS: The Toxicology Unit at the Alberta Research Council in Vegreville has conducted animal health studies on all kinds of animals, domestic and wild, as large as moose and as small as mice. Veterinarian Dr. Margitta Dziwenka is presently working on the toxicology of crude oil on cattle. If cattle ingest oil from a spill, for example, some cattle will develop a taste for the oil and will deliberately seek it out.