Program 54


PROMO: Peter Duinker explores the role of public input in forest management
David Schindler connects the dots between water, drought and climate change
And Mike Belosevic invents a new test for treating drinking water

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TITLE: Dr. Peter Duinker, Professor and Director, School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University and Research Leader, Sustainable Forest Management Network
SUBJECT: #54 Researching Effective Public Participation for Sustainable Forest Management
SYNOPSIS: One of the significant changes in forestry over the last decade has been the legitimization of public participation in forest management planning. Public input can take a range of forms, some more effective than others. Dr. Peter Duinker has devoted his career to both involvement in and the research of public participation. This is now an integral part of the research effort of the Sustainable Forest Management Network.



TITLE: Dr. David Schindler, Killam Memorial Professor of Ecology, University of Alberta, Fellow of the Royal Society of London, NSERC Hertzberg Gold Medal Scientist
SUBJECT: #54 Where's the Water?
SYNOPSIS: Since being awarded the Hertzberg Medal for Excellence in Scientific Achievement from NSERC a few months ago, Dr. David Schindler has probably become the most popular scientist on the speaking circuit. Averaging at least two speaking invitations a week (and thatís in addition to his teaching and research responsibilities), heís criss-crossed the country not only talking about the sorry state of water in Canada, but also having a look at the effect of drought and water management in various locations. In his talks, he draws the connection between drought cycles, expanding population, industrial development, and climate change and the overwhelming stresses these are placing on our freshwater resources. Along with my interview with Dr. Schindler on this weekís Innovation Alberta, you can also download his speech to the AGM of the Edmonton Community Foundation.



TITLE: Dr. Miodrag "Mike" Belosevic, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #54 Pathogens in Water
SYNOPSIS: Getting safe drinking water to the public involves a lot of testing and treatment before it ever flows out the tap into your home. At a recent meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists at the University of Lethbridge, Dr. Mike Belosevic spoke about his research on parasites and pathogens which infect our raw water supplies. Cryptosporidum and giardia are impervious to chlorine treatment, so they must be filtered out as well as treated with ozone or ultraviolet radiation. One of Dr. Belosevicís latest innovations is an acid test which determines whether these pathogens have been killed by water treatment or if they are still viable.