Program 50


PROMO: Dr Alison Munson on measuring forest sustainability

39 Years of U of A spinoff companies

HistoBest Inc, BigBangwidth, Biomira, Raylo Chemicals

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TITLE: Dr Alison Munson, Professor of Forest Ecology, University of Laval, and Research Leader, Sustainble Forest Management Network
SUBJECT: #50 Measuring Forest Sustainability
SYNOPSIS: More than a hundred researchers are engaged in scientific activity through the Sustainable Forest Management Network. A mammoth effort involving universities, governments, forest companies, and First Nations groups from across Canada, the SFMN is hosted by the University of Alberta. A forest ecologist from Laval University in Quebec, Dr. Alison Munson heads up a research team that is investigating methods to measure forest sustainability. Using the six criteria for sustainability as defined by the Council of Canadian Ministers of the Environment, the researchers are sifting through historical records and present day forest conditions to determine what can be used as indicators of ecological, social and economic health for the forest.



TITLE: Dr Nick Nation
SUBJECT: #50 HistoBest Inc has developed a more efficient technique for doing tissue samples on slides
SYNOPSIS: Since 1963, the University of Alberta has launched 75 companies. These spinoffs are a result of research undertaken by U of A scientists. This year alone, 9 new companies have reached the technology commercialization stage. Current spinoffs have created over a thousand jobs and generated economic activity worth over a billion dollars. Among the new businesses on hand at a "Spinoff Day" celebration in May were HistoBest Inc, described by founder Dr. Nick Nation as a company that has developed a more efficient technique for doing tissue samples on slides



TITLE: Brian Moore
SUBJECT: #50 BigBangwidth works with fibre optic technology
SYNOPSIS: BigBangwidth is Brian Moore's venture that is working with fibre optic technology that will give big bandwidth for computer communication



TITLE: Dwayne Brunner
SUBJECT: #50 Biomira is developing a breast cancer drug
SYNOPSIS: Founded in 1985, Biomira is a biotechnology company now in Phase Three clinical trials for a breast cancer drug. Keeping investors interested in the years leading up to a marketable product is the challenge investor relations specialist Dwayne Brunner faces.



TITLE: Dr Gerry Tertzakian
SUBJECT: #50 Raylo Chemicals and spinoff companies
SYNOPSIS: Looking back to the very first company, R&L Molecular Research which is now called Raylo Chemicals, former owner and CEO Dr. Gerry Tertzakian offers his perspective on how the climate has changed for spinoff companies.