Program 2


PROMO: Dan Djukich, Director of Sales, ZiMARC Holly Newman, Visual Artist and Birdwatcher Dr. Doug Owram, Academic Vice President and Provost, University of Alberta

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TITLE: Dan Djukich, Director of Sales, ZiMARC
SUBJECT: #2 ARC launches ZiMARC with Chips in Space
SYNOPSIS: ZiMARC is an Alberta based, high tech manufacturer with a client base right out of this world. In fact, the material this company has developed is used in the computers on the International Space Station. Zim is a Slavic term for hot and cold, and that is exactly what the innovative material which this company markets is all about….reducing the heat buildup in electronic components while improving their performance and increasing their lifespan. ARC, of course, stands for the Alberta Research Council, under whose wing ZiMARC operates.



TITLE: Holly Newman, Visual Artist and Birdwatcher
SUBJECT: #2 The Bird Nest Project
SYNOPSIS: Last fall, Holly's young daughter wondered out loud of the birds migrating south for the winter would actually come back in the spring. That got Holly thinking birds and spring and nesting season. Gathering found materials, just like birds do to make their nests, she fashioned 200 nests out of fabric scraps, ribbon, buttons and beads. The nests are presently on display at the Fringe Gallery in Edmonton's Old Strathcona district. The question now is whether the returning birds will use these nests. Holly is looking for people who will put the fabric nests up in their yards, keep notes on them for the summer, and return them to Holly in the fall.



TITLE: Dr. Doug Owram, Academic Vice President and Provost, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #2 The Life and Work of Dr. Henry Marshall tory
SYNOPSIS: When EA Corbett's biography of Henry Marshall Tory was reprinted in the early 1990s, Doug was asked to write the foreword to the book. Henry Marshall Tory was the first president of the University of Alberta. He is referred to as the most important Canadian educator of the day. Among his many accomplishments were the establishment of the Alberta Research Council and National Research Council in Ottawa. He was also a vigorous advocate for the pursuit of science, an interesting outcome for a man who was an ordained minister until the age of 40.