Program 135


PROMO: More interviews from the Confronting Water Scarcity Conference in Lethbridge. Dr. Stewart Rood reports on the Oldman River basin, Dr. David Sauchyn looks to Chile to see how the prairies might adapt to climate change, and David Pryce of CAPP looks at water usage in the oil patch.

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TITLE: Dr. Stewart Rood, University of Lethbridge and Co-Director, Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research
SUBJECT: #135 Confronting Water Scarcity Conference Part II: Report Card on the Oldman River System
SYNOPSIS: Water touches every aspect of our lives and our efforts to get water have often upset the environmental balance of rivers everywhere. At a recent conference on water scarcity in Lethbridg, Dr. Stewart Rood looked at the sorry state of the Oldman and St Mary River systems and offered some suggestions for restoring some health to their aquatic environments.



TITLE: Dr. David Sauchyn, Professor, University of Regina and Researcher, Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative
SUBJECT: #135 Confronting Water Scarcity Conference Part II: Alberta, Chile and Climate Change
SYNOPSIS: As he mentioned at the recent Confronting Water Scarcity Conference in Lethbridge, Dr. David Sauchyn of Saskatchewan is looking at the Elqui River Basin in Chile. Thatís where they grow grapes. And with climate change poised to change the southern Alberta, perhaps we could learn a thing or two from the Chilean farmers.



TITLE: David Pryce, VP Western Canada Operations, CAPP Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
SUBJECT: #135 Confronting Water Scarcity Conference Part II: Water Usage in the Oil Patch
SYNOPSIS: David Pryce of CAPP, the Canadian Association Of Petroleum Producers is looking at ways to reduce the amount of water the energy sector uses, but there arenít many alternatives available.