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PROMO: American Army tests cold start engine at C-FER
Research Revelations at University of Alberta
History of Alberta's Oil Drilling Technology

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TITLE: Jeff Parks, Chief, Field Service Engineering Team for MTV, TACOM, United States Army & Duane DeGeer, Manager of Technical Services, C-FER Technologies
SUBJECT: #12 Cold Start Tests at C-FER
SYNOPSIS: When the United States Army wanted to test out new technologies to cold start their militiary vehicles, they looked north. C-FER Technologies in Edmonton has a cold chamber testing facility 40' by 40' by 30' high that goes down to minus 60 degrees C, one of the few such facilities in the world. During the month of March, Jeff Parks of the US Army and a team of researchers at C-FER tried a variety of experiments on the engine of a large truck known as a "medium tactical vehicle" to determine if it was possible to start a diesel truck with one punch of a button at 50 below...just what you need if you're patrolling in frigid conditions such as those in Alaska



TITLE: Kirsten MacFadyen, U of A Masters Student
SUBJECT: #12 Research Revelations 2001
SYNOPSIS: As research for her masters thesis, Kirsten MacFadyen tested the effectiveness of Elk Velvet Antler as a supplement to enhance the performance of athletes. Over a ten week period, she gave half a team of rowers the manufacturer's recommended dosage, and the other half a placebo. POSTER: The Effects of Elk Velvet Antler Supplementation during Current Training in Rowers



TITLE: Dr. Daniel Syrotuik, Professor, Physical Education, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #12 Research Revelations 2001
SYNOPSIS: Creatine Monohydrate is a commonly used, over-the-counter supplement some athletes use to enhance their performance. Daniel Syrotuik's study looked how the body metabolizes this substance. POSTER: Skeletal Muscle Morphological Changes Associated with Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation Combined with Resistance Training



TITLE: Derek Kivi, PhD Candidate, Physical Education, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #12 Research Revelations
SYNOPSIS: An increasing number of athletes are training on high speed treadmills but training can be ineffective if the speed is too high. Through the use of video photography, Derek Kivi analyzed the movements of athletes to determine the optimum velocities for training. POSTER: Lower Extremity Kinematics During High Speed Treadmill Sprinting Over a Range of Velocities



TITLE: Dr. Sandy Gow, Professor of History, Concordia University College, Edmonton
SUBJECT: #12 History of Drilling Technology, 1883
SYNOPSIS: Drilling for oil and gas got its start in Alberta around 1883. While most of the early technology was imported from the United States, it was the creative tinkering of Albertans exploring for oil who adapted that technology to the conditions here. And it was people like Howard Hughes who made millions off their inventions. Professor Sandy Gow is writing a book on changes in oil drilling technology which covers the period 1883 to 1970.